Namco Bandai buys D3 Publisher for 12 million dollars

Last month the fine folks at Namco Bandai decided that they had had enough of all the other major gaming companies bidding, buying and bullying and that they’d like to try their hand at the whole thing by aggressively bidding for D3 Publisher, purveyors of zombie smut. Well EA, take a lesson, cause Namco Bandai knows how to get it done. Today the deal was finalized with Namco Bandai now owning 19,990 shares of D3 stock, or 95.02 percent of the company. This cost them about $12.55 million.

It doesn’t look like Namco Bandai will be doing too much shaking up at D3, who mostly publish smaller titles. The major boon here is the fact that Namco Bandai now owns the Vicious Engine, meaning they can use it for their games easily. Then again, while the Vicious Engine is good, it isn’t the best by a long shot. So I guess the real real boon is that D3 is known in the US and this should increase Namco Bandai’s presence here and in Europe. Horay for corporate buyouts!

Anyone who gets the dead roadrunner image gets a cookie.