The Behemoth’s next game has a trailer, is already guaranteed awesome

For my birthday one year my friends got my Alien Hominid on the GameCube. We then spent an entire semester trying to beat the damn thing over and over again. Great game. Then Castle Crashers came out and we played that online over and over again trying to beat the damn game. Great game. What do the games have in common? You know what, never mind. If you don’t know who and what The Behemoth is then just stop reading. It’s really pointless.

For those of you still reading, be prepared for excitement because the above trailer is for The Behemoth’s new game! Yes, evidently when a company is successful and amazing, they put out another game. What could top the awesomeness of an old school shooter and an old school beat-em-up? Online platforming-puzzle gaming! Gleeeeee! The game hasn’t been named yet, but might I suggest it be called Awesome. If The Behemoth can do what they did for the shooter and the beat-em-up then we’re in for one hell of a challenging time.