Capcom PS1 titles heading to US PlayStation Network

Good news retro fans, Capcom’s Christian Svensson has said that some of the company’s PS1 games are due to arrive on the US PlayStation Network “soon”. Responding to a forum thread complaining about the lack of Capcom PSOne games available on US PSN compared its Japanese counterpart, Svensson revealed, “The first PS1 titles for PSN were submitted [for US certification] last week… When I have some dates for them, we’ll let you know what and when is going to happen.”

Svensson added, “Word I got back this morning is that this may take a bit more time than anticipated. We’ll keep folks posted. And for now I’m still not discussing what title(s) they are. We’ll discuss it when we’re through the pipe a bit further.”

Of course, we the internet don’t care where exactly in the pipe these titles are, so we’re gonna speculate until our little heads explode. Resident Evils 1-3 are an obvious starting point, they are available on Japanese PSN and the timing seems right. There’s a whole bunch of fighting games they could release in the wake of Street Fighter IV‘s success too, though we wouldn’t hold out for any of the Marvel titles due to licensing issues. Also, the Mega Man and Breath of Fire series are pretty well represented on PS1. All in all that’s some pretty sweet cherries to pick from. No news whether this also applies to European PSN though. We’ll let you know more as and when it comes.