EA Redwood has been doing something with their delay time

When we first heard that EA Redwood’s upcoming game The Godfather II was being delayed, we figured it was simply because EA wanted to spread its gaming love out throughout the year, and that they were just sitting around waiting for the game to be done. Of course that’s not how EA Redwood rolls, it appears they’ve been hard at work as they’ve just announced a new multiplayer mode that will be available for download, for free when the game launches on April 7.

The new mode is called Don Control and brings the territory controlling action of the single-player game into the multiplayer. The game will feature in game currency that can be won in multiplayer and used in single-player modes. However, once this update is downloaded, players will also be able to use it to recruit other players to join their family, and thus become a real life online Don. Players can challenge other players for their in game currency and then split it up amongst their “family” from that challenge. If they lose though, they lose everything they wagered. Such is the life of a Don. No word on if you can make online offers that people can’t refuse.

Sadly, we didn’t get to hear about or try this mode out when we went hands-on with the game, but it does sound like it will add an interesting level to the multiplayer that isn’t present in other games.