Farmyard Party trailer has us missing Benny Hill

There are too many casual, mini-game riddled party games out there on the Wii to report on all of them; and honestly too few worth caring about anyway. However we couldn’t resist checking into Farmyard Party after watching the above trailer. For those old enough to remember or those that used Monty Python as a gateway drug into British comedy, seeing a Benny Hill inspired skit has to make us laugh.

Farmyard Party‘s first trailer does a great parody job from the antics and theme song down to a Benny Hill look-a-like. The game doesn’t seem to take itself seriously at all, with what amounts to a farmyard equivalent to the Olympics. Events like track and field, hurdles, bucket toss and pitch fork throwing in a cartoonish style that looks like it could have been a spin off of Steve Oedekerk’s Barnyard.

Farmyard Party is developed by Data Design and published under their Popcorn Arcade label, along such titles as Monster Trux, Ninjabread Man and Crazy Mini Golf. There are eight events total divided into four categories: all-round, speed, power and skill. However with a 3+ rating we’re not sure if most gamers old enough to pick out their own cloths will appreciate Farmyard Party past its trailers.