For when you absolutely must reach level 60 by daybreak

Blizzard must not have liked earlier claims that WoW was a “top” reason for college drop-outs because they’ve come up with a master scheme to keep those students energized and working. Caffeine! Blizzard has entered into a new deal with Mountain Dew to launch two new flavors into their Game Fuel line: Alliance Blue (wild fruit flavor) and Horde Red (Citrus cherry flavor).

We remember the great design and extreme buzz of Game Fuel when it came out for Halo 3. We’re willing to bet many of you still have a bottle or two still for your collections. No further details like release dates or product run time have been released, but don’t expect them to last long when they hit the grocery isles.

Now, Microsoft used Game Fuel as part of their huge Halo 3 campaign. What might there be Warcraft related in the near future? We weren’t expecting anything big from Blizzard but more news on Starcraft II and Diablo III, but there’s always hoping that they’ll blindside us at BlizzCon ’09. Buy us a Horde Red and we’ll drink to that.