Metal Gear Online expanding the SCENE

Metal Gear Online fans will be treated to another expansion for the ever growing PlayStation 3 exclusive online shooter. SCENE, the third expansion, is now available along with some great bundles in case by some odd chance those living under rocks haven’t experienced the first two expansions yet. SCENE will include some new skills and other rewards for diligent players. Check out the list below for a peek at these features and how you can obtain them:

3 New Skills

  • Charm: Hold a salute pose to achieve the same effect as a magazine. Unlock Charm by indulgently being distracted by a magazine 100 times
  • Toughness: Endure knockdown attacks and enjoy a decreased recovery time. Grab this ability by having either knockback, knockdown, or blow away type attacks executed on you 100 times.
  • Close Quarters Combat EX: When another player attempts a CQC attack on you, they’ll be treated to an automatically executed counter attack! You can earn this skill by first equipping the CQC Mastery Lv3 skill and then performing 200 CQC maneuvers.

New Top Elite Emblems

  • Fighting Fish: Unlocked by playing a series of Deathmatches.
  • Arctic Skua: Unlocked by playing a series of Solo Capture missions.

Earn these emblems and you’ll be rewarded with a free in-game t-shirt as well. Killing in style always adds a little more fun to the havoc doesn’t it?

MGO players can pick up the new expansion from the in-game shop and Konami’s shop for $9.99. For those hugging the aforementioned rock, there’s two more bundles for you to get up to speed on the previous expansions. You can grab SCENE and the previous expansion MEME for $14.99 or SCENE, MEME, and the first expansion GENE for a mere $17.99. I highly suggest players take advantage of these bundles and experience the MGO world. Killzone 2 will be there when you get back, I promise. Spread the carnage and enjoy some Metal Gear Online!