Metallica’s Kirk Hammet: “Guitar Hero is a no-no for me”

Swedish newspaper DN got hold of legendary guitarist Kirk Hammet when Metallica was touring Stockholm not long ago. The interview was obviously about Guitar Hero: Metallica and Hammet’s view on the game (check the interview at YouTube, embedding is disabled by request). Accordingly, Hammet has only played Guitar Hero once, and isn’t bound to repeat the achievement anytime soon since he, just like Max Wahlberg, gets obsessed when playing videogames.

Although games like Guitar Hero is a big no-no for Mr. Hammet, he praises the idea that Metallica is a part of it. Mainly because the band’s guitar driven songs suit the game perfectly, but also because the fans can experience their music in a different way than just listening to it.

Humble as always, Hammet also explains that heavy metal veterans Led Zeppelin would be his number one choice for the next installment of the Guitar Hero franchise. So say we all.