Overlord II, behind the evil

Codemasters have sent over the first gameplay video for Overlord II which is coming out this summer for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The video is narrated by the Triumph Studios’ creative director Lennart Sas who gives us a look into who the new Overlord is and what he’s trying to accomplish. We play as the son of the original Overlord in Overlord II because the first Overlord is now the god of the Abyss from the first game. The plot lies with the Glorious Empire who is hunting down anyone who possesses magical powers. The son of the Overlord is captured but is saved by his minions and we get the play as the Overlad in his youth and will see how he becomes just like his old man. The new tyranny system lets us choose between domination and destruction, meaning we can either kill everyone or make them into servants. Overall, Overlord II seems to offer more freedom to be evil than the first game and hopes to prove that evil will always find a way.