Revisiting StarCraft: Ghost, concept art galore

Don’t get your hopes up about StarCraft: Ghost just because we’re writing about it. The game hasn’t officially been touched since 2005 and nothing indicates that the stealthy blonde will ever get on with killing spitting Zerglings or ravaging Zealots. This doesn’t mean it’s boring to look at what Blizzard came up with. StarCraft: Ghost was one of the most sought-after titles of the gaming world (especially by yours truly) and it came a long way before it was, unofficially, canceled.

Scrolling through the concept art reveals some things that’s worth mentioning. Nova’s kind of sexy, Nova’s even sexier with big guns, Terran marines look fugly when infested with Zerg-goo, and the fact that it’s a shame that Ghost probably wont ever be played.