Team Teamwork mashes-up Ocarina of Time

Another rap song sampling videogame music! I know, I know, it’s happening so often that this is barely news anymore. However, Ocarina of Rhyme has a few things going for it. First off it’s an entire album of classic hip-hop songs set to music from Ocarina of Time. Secondly, it’s got ten tracks featuring a plethora of great artists. Thirdly, when it’s good, it’s amazing and when it’s bad, it’s just bad. That last one isn’t so much something it has going for it, but it had to be said.

The album, which can be downloaded for free here, was produced by Team Teamwork, and shows some solid rapping from some of the underground rap scenes finest and some great mashing-up skills. My personal favorite is ‘Virginia (Lost Woods),” but that could just be because I love the Lost Woods music. Seriously, did anyone else just run around them to listen to the song?

You can listen to the entire album over here at the totally awesome tiff’s blog thingy.