A double dose of Riddick is like a quadruple dose of any normal man

Did you know that Riddick is awesome? You probably did, didn’t you? Well I bet you didn’t know that it was possible to have two Riddick videos in one post and not have the world explode, did you? Actually, this is the first post that we’re aware of (we didn’t do any research or even a Google search, for that matter) to even attempt this feat. TVGB is pushing the boundaries of mankind here. This is one small step for man, one giant leap for blogkind. Will the internet be able to handle all the awesome?

First it will have to survive a video of the already known to be awesome Escape From Butcher Bay, which is all new and improved. Then, without any warning whatsoever, the second video jumps into Assault on Dark Athena. I suggest taking a break before you hit the jump. Sit down, watch some community theater or lawn bowling to get the awesome out of your system, and then hit the jump… that is if this post hasn’t obliterated the internet already.