First images from King of Fighters film

I know nothing about King of Fighters other than the fact that it’s an amazing fighting game series to rival Street Fighter. So when we got the below images of the upcoming King of Fighters movie I figured someone around here would be more interested in it than me. Unfortunately, no one seems to be interested in the film. Then again, why should they be? The plot has evidently been all messed, the budget looks to be about around the same price as a Happy Meal and it’s being directed by Gordon Chan, whose greatest claim to fame is Fist of Legend, a fantastic Jet Li film, but hardly because of his directing. If you saw Jackie Chan’s The Medallion, which was also his, you’ll probably have the right caliber of movie.

Maggie Q is leading the no name cast into the action, and hopefully everyone can fight. Is anyone else tired of American films with stars who can’t fight? If you’re going to go with a bunch of B-grade actors why not go with no names who can at least put up some impressive moves? At least the plot sounds like it could be set up to house some impressive fight scenes. Three legendary warriors are whisked to different dimensions to do battle with the dimension’s guardians by an evil force which is trying to destroy our dimension. As long as talking is kept to a minimum and each dimension has some awesome guardians we could see some interesting fights. All I’m hoping for is something a bit better than the Street Fighter movie. It appears we’ll get to see the film in action come Monday at MovieSet. I suggest a vomit bag just in case.