Ghostbusters will be “Gears of War Lite”

Haunted by the hyper-critical spirit of our collective childhood nostalgia, Ghostbusters: The Video Game has a lot of expectation riding on its proton pack-equipped shoulders. And Atari seems to know it, pushing back the release to June 16 to give developer Terminal Reality extra time to make baggin’ and taggin’ ghoulies more “accessible.”

“We’re trying to make this pretty mainstream as far as a third-person shooter goes. Because that’s really what it is for the most part, it’s an action-shooter — ‘Gears of War’ Lite, in a way. But it’s not as complex,” said Atari’s Garrett Moehring. “We just felt we needed to make the game much more accessible.”

“Gears of War Lite” seems to mean simplifying buttons and streamlining controls to “make the experience of trapping ghosts fun and easy and not a laborious task.” This boils down to an unlimited number of traps and an auto-wrangling feature that takes over once a ghost’s health dips into the red.

“We felt that that was going to be a lot easier, even for hardcore players, because you already have a lot going on. You’ve got aerial enemies, you’ve got ground enemies, you’ve got ranged attacks, close attacks, melee stuff and things flying at you from all over the place,” said Moehring. “There’s a lot to manage already.”