Microsoft and Coke give away 3 million points

Coca-Cola has apparently teamed up with Microsoft to give away 3 million Microsoft Points on a “first come, first served” basis. The two ginormous (yes, it is a real word) corporations will use Xbox Live to give away $37,000 in points this week as part of the Happiness Factory promotion. After winning the free points, users are directed to the Coke Zone to register their points and spend them on Xbox Live.

The giveaway has not started yet as of writing, we checked Xbox Live and the Xbox website for any mention of it and came up empty handed. No explanation of just what exactly this factory is all about either, other than happiness, but anytime the word ‘free’ is mentioned, we listen.

We at TVGB hope there are no problems with the “first come, first served” policy when the giveaway goes live. We also hope for a Fraggle Rock versus The Snorks death-match, bacon that tones abs, and articles that write themselves. Yeah, we’re dreamers like that.