New Cursed Mountain vids show that atmosphere is possible on the Wii

Scary. Can scary be done on the Wii? I’ve always argued yes, but there seems to be a great claim out there that because of the Wii’s lesser graphical powers it has no ability to build atmosphere. Of course this argument falls flat on its face when we consider that the original Resident Evil was scary and by today’s standards the character animations look like a child glued some sticks together. It also falls flat on its face when you watch one of these two new Cursed Mountain trailers.

Both trailers highlight the game’s combat system and its dark (too dark?) setting. For those of us who grew up with the classic survival horror games, and still crave them despite RE5 practically leaving the genre and Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark going down the tubes fast, Cursed Mountain is shaping up to be a surprising return to form that also features an interesting battle system. We’ll be sure to stay very on top of this game, to the point that we’ll be having nightmares about Tibetan ghosts attacking us in our sleep.