New Mistwalker concept art emerges

A single piece of concept art from developers Mistwalker has cropped up on their official website. The image appears on artist Kimihiko Fujisaka’s page, showing a lone figure standing in front of… well, you can see it up there. The full pic is after the jump.

When Gamercyde discovered the image it was initially believed to be artwork from Mistwalker’s new project. However, when news spread Fujisaka revealed that it is not from the Japanese developer’s next game, although he is currently working on it. Unhelpfully, he didn’t actually say what game the image is from.

Mistwalker are the team behind Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, made up of — among others — Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Around Christmas last year it was announced that their next title, the Xbox 360-exclusive called Cry On had been dumped. It is currently unknown whether Mistwalker’s next project will another Xbox 360-exclusive or multiplatform.