Space Camp supports violence against the homosapienly challenged

Activision has announced a partnership with Space Camp that will make thousands of kids’ dreams come true. Together with Space Camp they have created a game that offers the chance to explore Space Camp as a young aspiring astronaut and shoot aliens? Hey, that wasn’t in the brochure. Now I really wish my parents had let me go.

Space Camp was founded in 1982 and is to this day Alabama’s top tourist attraction. It has fostered the hopes and dreams of millions of kids visiting its museum or participating in the actual camp. If anyone remembers, it even inspired a book and movie in 1986, aptly named Space Camp. Now, for all those that never got to go to Space Camp, or wore out their VHS copy of the movie, we get Space Camp the videogame for Wii and DS.

Space Camp has a single player campaign full of mini-games where players get launched to the moon and have to perform tasks like scientific experimentation, controlling spacecraft and defending the moon from invaders, with the help of their own personal robot (really, have you seen the movie?). When did a factual space organization start arming the moon with turrets for invading aliens? Bring back Jinx! Anyway, there will also be a co-op mode and mini-games for muli-player party games.