The Behemoth and “third game” details, together at last

Yesterday we got some lovely footage of the upcoming third game from The Behemoth. There’s still no name for the online, multiplayer, puzzle/challenge game with quirky The Behemoth artwork, but new details have surfaced. Some lucky people at the Tokyo Internation Anime Fair got to go hands-on with the game and check out its four mini-game modes. The demo is so early that the title screen didn’t even have a fake name on it, just something to the effect of The Behemoth’s Next Game After the Last Next Game. Still, it appears that they’re doing some cool stuff.

The four mini-games were a soccer game, a brick changing game, a gold collecting game and a soul collecting game. If you watched the trailer previously you saw all four of them. In the the brick changing game players compete to turn bricks into their character’s color. In the soccer game players attempt to kick/move balls into the goal. In the gold collecting game players player’s must strike a giant goldfish that is floating around the stage in order to collect gold from it. Finally, in the soul collecting stage has players facing off against each other. Whenever a player dies his soul escapes and other players can collect it for points if the player doesn’t get back to it first after respawing.

It seems the demo that was played was on the 360, but The Behemoth wasn’t talking about what platforms the final build of the game would show up on. From what we’re reading the games seem to be a bunch of frantic fun that could rival the quick gameplay and craziness of Super Smash Brothers Melee.