Vin Diesel “begged” for multiplayer in Chronicles of Riddick

Can you imagine Vin Diesel on his knees, staring up at you with his big ol’ manly eyes, hands clasped together? Maybe some of you can, but I’d rather not know your fantasies, you sickos. However, for one individual over at developers Starbreeze that twisted dream became reality when Vin Diesel “begged” the makers of the new The Chronicles of Riddick game to include an online multiplayer mode.

Speaking in a video interview with X-Play, Vin Diesel revealed how desperate he was for the inclusion of multiplayer. “We were well into production on the game and I begged for an online component for this,” said the muscle-bound interferer, “and everyone rose to the occasion and created something really compelling.”

As you may already know, Vin Diesel’s a proper gamer and his Tigon Studios are used to taking an active role in the production of titles. In the X-Play interview he reveals his early gaming memories and his thoughts on the future of the medium. “When I first played videogames, we’d have to go into a Radio Shack in New York City to play Pong,” said the gravelly-voiced groveller, adding, “With the new popularity of massively multiplayer online games, we are going to see a shift, a change in our society if you will.”

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is out on Apr. 24 for 360, PC and PS3.