Wii Punch Out!! hits Europe May 22, Virtual Console Super Punch Out!! tomorrow

After about 20 years unconscious on the canvas, Little Mac is finally up on his feet and ready to dish out the hurtin’ bombs once more. Following the earlier announcement that the new, improved Wii version of Punch Out!! will hit Europe sometime in May, Nintendo have now revealed a specific May 22 release date.

Punch Out!! carries with it a lot of expectation this year for Wii. The original game occupies a very dear place in the heart of all the gamers out there that poured hours into it as kids. In a world of wagley-wagley Wii nonsense, Punch Out!! is one of the few games for the Nintendo faithful to look forward to.

Of course, there is also a whole generation of gamers that won’t have played Super Punch Out!! back in the day. So for those impoverished few, Nintendo have announced that the SNES classic will be available to download from the Wii’s Virtual Console service tomorrow. We wonder how this looks without the rose-tinted specs on. Gulp.