God of War III too brutal for the internet

The God of War series has never been one to shy away from savage depictions of Kratos’ battles. Yet when Sony Santa Monica said, “Some of these scenes are so violent, they are never going on the internet – at least, not by us. They’re just not appropriate for some audiences,” while giving a sneak peak of the latest game, we certainly perked up our ears. Something too horrible to be unleashed upon the series of tubes we all know and love has got to be the best thing evar!

God of War III‘s new Zipper Technology, a feature the developers were unable to implement in the series until the PS3 arrived, is in full effect. While the name might sound like something out of the porn industry, it allows players to slice open enemy skin with realistic ease, spilling internal organs based on how deep the cut is. In one of the gameplay sessions, Kratos is seen fighting a centaur and watching as the stomach is sliced, allowing the internal organs ooze out.

Slicing and dicing all of Zeus’ creations? God of War III will not be out soon enough for us.