Guitar Hero: Metallica demo on Xbox Live

Microsoft and Activision are treating gamers to a sneak peek of Guitar Hero: Metallica by making available a demo for Xbox Live members today. Players can check out the new “in-the-round” style stage designs and custom camera angles that will likely set this game apart from other Guitar Hero games. The demo supports both single-player and multiplayer and will include Metallica’s “Sad but True” and “Seek and Destroy,” as well as Alice in Chains’ “No Excuses” and Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy.”

I’m sure the shred style guitar playing Metallica has been known for will result in many broken guitars and hopefully some insanely difficult songs for players to master. GH: Metallica will represent a fine line between satisfying those casual gamers who are content with simply playing and those core gamers that don’t feel good unless their fingers are bleeding afterwards. Afterall, God knows we need a challenge after Guitar Hero: World Tour.