Halo Wars goes platinum, new content getting ready

Good ol’ Ensemble Studios’ Halo Wars hasn’t even been out for a month and it’s already extracting valuable metals. One million copies have been sold so far, making it the best selling real-time strategy game on any current-gen console. Since the latter achievement could be compared to being the best student in a class of 6 year-olds, it’s fortunate that the game also has a high Metacritic score and healthy sales figures to further emphasize its quality.

Although Ensamble Studios puts high value in their console adaption of RTS controls, the limitation it carries is likely to obstruct any galactic-proportion success of the genre. It does work, and for some it even works excellently, but the PC will always have an upper hand when it comes micro- and macro management in RTS games. However, TVGB always applauds innovation that helps bring the industry forward, so more ingenious console RTS games are welcome.

Therefore we’re happy to tell you that there’s plenty more Halo Wars heading our direction. Microsoft are currently working with the newly formed studio Robot Entertainment to prepare new content for the game.