Beyoncé promotes Rhythm Heaven, talks gaming habits

We already knew that Beyoncé Knowles loves her some videogames and we know that we loves us some Beyoncé, so when we read that she is doing a new commercial for Nintendo we just have to write about it.

The commercial is for Rhythm Heaven, the new DS game finally reaching beyond Japan, where it is already a hit, to North America April 5 (along with the DSi) and Europe May 1. While filming the commercial Entertainment Weekly scored an exclusive interview with the superstar about her gaming habits and amidst her busy schedule she always makes time to unwind.

Her favorite games? Well, “all the Wii games,” and especially Guitar Hero, which is part of why she has gotten so into Rhythm Heaven (that and being paid to like it) because she says its like a portable Guitar Hero. We’re guessing she hasn’t picked up a DS Guitar Hero, which sadly won’t be compatible with her new DSi. In fact Beyoncé said that she would definitely go for her own version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band, though it would be odd playing All the Single Ladies with guitar solos. She also talked about sneaking out of bed to play Super Mario Bros. when she was a kid.

Just when we didn’t think we could dig you more. Way to go Beyoncé! Oh, and there are photos of Beyoncé playing videogames, but the above photo was chosen selfishly for myself, Thom, Dexter345 and pretty much any other straight guy out there.