Cryptic’s been recruiting City of Heroes players this entire time

A short while ago the internet was ablaze with rumors that Champions Online developer Cryptic Studios were trying to make the moves on the players of City of Heroes. The plan you ask? Why it was to go on the City of Heroes forums and tap some people to get them to beta test Champions Online.

That rumor has been confirmed by Cryptic themselves. Manager for Cryptic, Ivan Sulic had this say, “A few of our employees thought it might be a good idea to contact avid MMO notables and various guild leaders floating about to see if they wanted to test.” Getting people to play your game seems to be the pressure lingering on developers in this day of MMO gaming.

“If a line was crossed, it was totally inadvertent and no harm was intended.” Also adding, “nobody intended to steal players.” Which is exactly the thing someone would say if caught in acts like these. If you get caught walking out of a grocery store with unpaid products, just say “Nobody intended to steal this energy drink.” Then you’re good to go.