EA’s pro-indy renaissance is under way

Score one for the little guy! In an interview with Gamasutra, EA Partners’ General Manager David DeMartini revealed EAP’s newfound love affair with independent development. The indy-based renaissance, according to DeMartini, is simply a dedication to publishing quality games, some of which happen to come from independent developers.

Innovative titles such as Mirror’s Edge and Left 4 Dead (as well as their solid sales numbers) have left EAP infatuated with independents such as DICE, Valve, and Suda 51, which has a publishing agreement with EAP.

DeMartini goes on to say that EAP has proven something that we in the gaming community have known for a while: that quality and innovation always win. Now that we’re finally on the same page with the corporate fellas, we can hopefully look forward to some more winners from EA and their new renaissance.