Guantanamo Bay…coming soon!

The Escapist is reporting that a game based around the US detention facility in Guantanamo Bay is being developed by T-Enterprise, a company based in the UK. Rendition: Guantanamo takes place in 2020, when the controversial military facility has been sold to a group of mercenaries who let scientists use the inmates as guinea pigs for unholy experiments. You play as one of those inmates with nothing to live for. No one knows you’re there, and no one cares…until someone slips you a note saying that you have a son, and “they” are “holding” him. What happens next, how you get out, and why you would ever buy a crappy game like this remains a mystery. See poorly produced trailer above.

T-Enterprise, whose company tag line reads “Seduce by Technology” doesn’t have what you might call a promising resume. Two of their Top 5 Games include masterpieces like Polar Palin and Slime Mandelson!. I actually played both, and am convinced that they employ 12-year-olds to program their games, and make sure to include only one sound effect per title. Most likely, their business model specifically states something about taking a politically charged topic, and turning it into a banal and unexciting videogame in an attempt to generate headlines. Rendition: Guantanamo will probably turn out to be a hit at for about 14 seconds, and then fade into obscurity with the rest of T-Enterprises’ games. Onward and upward, eh?