Monkey Island sneakers are geek rad

I will take any excuse I can to post about Monkey Island, the adventure game that taught me insults are mightier than the sword, even if it has to do with shoes. From this point on, I’m a fashionista allowing me to strut and do Z-snaps to prove a point. So, when I tell you that these Converse sporting scenes from Monkey Island are rad, even if I’d never willingly be able to wear them, then you must believe. Kind of like how you believe in fairies and unicorns. I’d never jack a fool on the street for his fairies and unicorns though — just sayin’.

About the author: Dennis Lesica
Dennis Lesica.
I've been playing violent videogames and watching R-rated movies my entire life, I'm prepared for the zombie apocalypse and I like Crush Strawberry soda out of a glass bottle. I'm a simple critter.  Read more...


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