Japanese girl + geekini = serious nerdgasm

We here at TVGB really love to talk about games. However, every now and again, a story or interesting event comes up that is so quirky and weird that it should really be mentioned, ASAP. What do we have on this lovely weekend? Amano Ai, also know as, Julie Watai, sporting a Famicom-inspired bikini. She didn’t think simply releasing a book in 2006, detailing life as a gamer, being a part of otaku culture in Japan and the general J-nerdiness that exists in the city of lights and color was enough. She had to go all out and make a sassy and nerdgasmic non-nude striptease video, taunting and torturing all of your wildest geeky fantasies. Those crazy J-girls! Who knows what they will get into next!

If you are interested in the book, entitled Samurai Girl, why not purchase a copy here to keep on your coffee table as a perfect conversation piece? Meanwhile, check out the actual striptease video that can be found here. Now that is above 18 material put to good use! This is certainly one web babe we are going to keep an eye on for quite some time! Meanwhile, don’t forget to breath during the video, folks.