The onslaught of game-based movies continues

Variety announced recently that deals have been made for the creation of a movie version for three notable videogames. You’re not going to believe your eyes for some of these, but Mass Effect, Army of Two, and the upcoming Dante’s Inferno are all coming to the silver screen. Dan Harris, who co-wrote Superman Returns and X-Men 2, will be penning the Dante’s Inferno movie. What a burden. Can you imagine a producer asking you to write a script based on a game that’s based on perhaps the most infamous allegorical literature ever written?

Despite the debatable idea that game-based movies don’t perform well, publishers continue to turn our digital obsession into cinematic mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, I think some games could translate into movies very well. How awesome would it be to see someone like Kratos wailing on the Greek Pantheon in panoramic HD? These movies spawn partly from a need for publishers to commoditize a known IP in order to make more money but also to broaden the spectrum of fans for the videogame in general. The problem isn’t that videogames can’t be translated into film well, it’s that companies aren’t given much time to do so and frankly, aren’t implementing the best talent. Besides, anything worth doing is worth doing right, right?