Alyssa Milano revealed as Ghostbusters love interest

Slimer won’t be the only one slobbering all over someone in the new Ghostbusters videogame. Despite the loss of Sigourney Weaver, for whatever reason, Peter Venkman will still have a love interest to hit on mercilessly in new leading lady Alyssa Milano.

Milano, perhaps best known for leading television series roles in Who’s the Boss, Melrose Place, Charmed and My Name is Earl, is lending her voice for Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn. For those not memorizing every scrap of information about this anticipated game, Ghostbusters picks up just two years after the second movie, the guys are still in business and New York is obsessed with Gozerian mythology since the events in the first movie. Dr. Selwyn is guest curator for the new “World of Gozer” exhibit at the Natural History Museum, though what’s “natural” about a giant marshmallow man is beyond us.

Dr. Selwyn becomes a focal point for the story once a cataclysmic event happens the night before the grand opening, where she just happens to be working late. After that, unexplained events seem to keep happening around her. Its up to the Ghostbusters to figure out the connection and save the day, if they can keep Venkman off of her that is. Each new trailer shows off a little bit more of that classic Ghostbusters personality and it looks like this new love interest will fit right in.