Bounty hunter revealed for The Old Republic

The empire may not need their scum, but any Star Wars fan will tell you that bounty hunters are integral to the Star Wars mythos. Also they have armor so badass that it makes Master Chief cry himself to sleep at night. And they most certainly don’t have lame deaths like falling into the sarlacc pit despite the fact that you have a jetpack and can fly. Obviously understanding this, Bioware revealed the first class for their upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic to be the bounty hunter, to the squeeing of Boba Fett fanboys everywhere.

The bounty hunter presented is very similar to the Mandalorian enemies in the original KOTOR, complete with armor pimped out with everything you can think of. In addition, the bounty hunter is described as being particularly adept at combating force-users, useful for when you need to exact vengeance on Jedi scum for killing your father in front of you. Check out some screenshots below, and then head to The Old Republic’s website for all the juicy details.