Dylan Jobe forms new company, new Warhawk content rumored

Dylan Jobe, the former studio director for Incognito was one of the more familiar persons in the early days of the PS3. His studio created the PS3 exclusive online multiplayer game Warhawk along with its many expansion packs. Today Jobe announced that he, along with other former members of Incognito, are forming their own studio called Lightbox Interactive. Lightbox will focus on creating games exclusively for the PlayStation brand. Jobe will also be attending GDC this week as part of a panel discussion about game development deals and studio operations along with the presidents of Insomniac Games and Ready At Dawn. Lightbox assures us that this move has been in the works for over a year and no jobs were lost as a result of the transition.

Soon after this announcement was made Kotaku sources claimed the Lightbox team is working on a space themed expansion for Warhawk. Jobe commented on this by saying,”It’s way too early to comment on anything but I can say that we have some really exciting stuff in development that our Warhawk fans and new players will love.”