FUEL shows off its bikes and quads

An open world racer the size of FUEL seems a bit daunting, throw in extreme weather elements and tons of offroading and one wonders why anyone would want to race around the game world in anything but a heavily fortified Hummer. However, bikes and ATVs are the name of the game in the above trailer and they look like they can handle the terrain pretty well. Doesn’t look like we’ll be pulling off too many tricks on top fo them, but there seems to be plenty of chances to get air in the globally warmed earth of FUEL.

Seriously, the cruising across the wasteland interests me a whole lot more than the racing element. I’d love to hop on a motorcycle and drive as twisters and snowstorms pelted me into the earth. Hopefully the game will be geared to both cruisers and racers, and they’ll fix that Superman animation too.

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