Gears of War 2, Halo 3, and Fallout 3 DLC dated

New content for a multitude of games available on the Xbox 360 will be seeing the light of day through Xbox LIVE in the next coming weeks. This Saturday, Gears of War 2 will receive a new map pack that features 4 all-new maps: Grindyard, Under Hill, Courtyard, and a frozen version of Fuel Depot (a multiplayer favorite from the original Gears of War). About a week after the GoW2 map pack hits, Halo 3 will have its next map pack hit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The Mythic Map Pack, which was free for those who bought Halo Wars: Limited Edition, will finally be available on April 9 and will feature 3 new maps. First off, you have Assembly which is a symmetrical, mid-sized map based in a Covenant scarab factory that can only be compared to the Halo 2 maps Midship and Warlock. Next, you have Orbital, Halo 3‘s first map that is set in outer space. Finally, there’s Sandbox which Bungie states will be “the ultimate Forge map” that is a mixture of the two maps Sandtrap and Foundry. Both map packs will run 800 Microsoft points each.

Coming to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace this week is the second expansion for Fallout 3 simply known as The Pitt. This expansion thrusts your character into the Raider controlled city of Pittsburgh, where your character will assume the role of a slave, find work, and attempt to gain audience with the Raider boss in order to develop the story. This expansion also will run you 800 Microsoft points and is a must have for me.

Bringing up the rear of new DLC coming your way is the Survival Pack for Left 4 Dead. Valve announced that the content will be two full versus campaigns known as ‘Death Toll’ and ‘Dead Air’. Also included in the update will be the much anticipated Survival Mode which will have the 4 protagonists attempting to survive wave after wave of the infected in order to see how long you can survive. The Survival pack will be available on April 21 and will be completely free, so there’ll be no excuse for not grabbing it.