Left 4 Dead DLC shambles onto Xbox 360 next month

Microsoft has announced the free Left 4 Dead downloadable content for Xbox 360 will be available from Apr. 21. The DLC features a new Horde-like Survival mode, in which players must hold off wave after wave of nasty zombie types, as well as Versus mode support for the Dead Air and Death Toll challenges. PC gamers shouldn’t feel left out though, because we’re expecting the PC announcement to come… any… second… now.

Valve have a great history of supporting their PC games with a whole raft of free upgrades, patches and content. Indeed, they’ve built a whole business model around it. So it’s nice to see that love spreading to consoles. Especially when plenty of other companies would be trying to sell us new ties for Louis or a nice pair of skimpy pink hotpants for Zoey. Bravo.