New Punch-Out!! trailer brings out new challenger and old memories

It’s not that we’re die-hard just Nintendo fans, but most of us can remember spending hours trying to beat Punch-Out!!, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! or Super Punch-Out!!. So, naturally we jump at whatever news comes out for its Wii-incarnation as it were. This new opponents trailer shows that yes, Little Mac will still be chasing trainer Doc Louis as his fat ass peddles away on that bike (Hey Kool-Aid!!). New training moves are shown, but hopefully only as between match placeholders and not Wiimote mini-games.

Favorite opponents are back for a rematch including Glass Joe, Von Kaiser and King Hippo. Each of which look great on the Wii. It looks like veteran gamers can look forward to proven fighting methods for those shown so far, so we all get to laugh again as King Hippo’s shorts fall to his ankles–may we never grow out of cheap laughs. Also, we get a look at the first newcomer Disco Kid. What does that smile look like after the fight? We can’t wait to find out, as well as what other classic or new characters stand in out way.