Rumor / Sony is dropping bombs at GDC

So you want to hear some dirty nasty rumors flying around about what Sony is going to have at GDC. Who knows what kind of filth is going to go on in their bloggers lounge. A whole host of strange announcments that our own Tommy Lawler will have to sit through. What could they possibly be? Well, there are plenty of hints out there. In fact, there are so many we’ll have to do this in list form.

  • New 40gb PS3 SKU will be launched this May. The cost will be $299.
  • PSP slide will be shown for the first time in this year’s E3. The launch is next year.
  • The currently available PSP model will get a price cut too. The cost will be $119.
  • Fumito Ueda will be there at GDC ’09. He will announce 2 projects. One of them is Shadow of the Colossus Online.
  • Syphon Filter is underway to PS3. Apparently the developers are using the same engine behind Killzone 2.
  • Insomniac is developing a new action platformer RPG. It looks like a Zelda clone.
  • Jak 4 is on the way too.
  • Daxter 2 will be ready at the time of PSP slide launch.
  • Legend of Dragoon is under development and is to be launched in japan this year.

That’s a bunch of big news right? I think taking Shadow of the Colossus online is possibly one of the coolest ideas ever. Cheaper PS3 is exciting too.