World’s first console ARG has begun

Think about this: an ARG (alternate reality game) is a game that takes place in our world, but using fictional occurrences and plot devices. So is an ARG that takes place in a virtual world some sort of double ARG. It’s a made-up world with a made-up world in it. The levels of fantasy are two folds deep. Is anyone else’s brain hurting. I suppose we’ll see if it can work as Sony has announced that Xi, Home’s first ARG has kicked off.

Player’s in Home (all four of them) can look for the mysterious symbol above which will appear as graffiti in the main square. Clues found in secret areas in home will take players on adventures in their real lives. In a movie this is where your Home avatar would jump out of the screen and try to take over your life, in reality it’s just an interesting game. No word on prizes, but fun is promised.