Games in spaaaaaace!

This week will be all about GDC, even the President is getting involved in a conversation about our favorite hobby. Well, okay, President Obama wasn’t the one asking the question, just relaying it, but he said the words and that is good enough for us.

President Obama, some Congress members, and a group of school children from Washington, D.C. spent about 30 minutes talking with astronauts on the International Space Station. The conversation was light and friendly between the President and the crew orbiting the Earth; the kids on the other hand, got down to business immediately. “Can you play video games in space,” was the first question asked by the students.

President Obama echoed the question for the astronauts and the answer was, amazingly, yes. One of the space station crew answered, “We can, in fact. And in fact a few years ago when I was up here for six months I had a video game that I used to play in my spare time. Unfortunately, we don’t have much spare time. So we can, we have a lot of laptop computers. But for the most part we stay real busy doing real work.”

Real work? What are you trying to say, Mr. Guy in Space? Have you even tried finding all the bobbleheads in Fallout 3? That’s work.