God of War III Collector’s Edition planned, world is shocked

It seems nowadays the only thing a game needs to do to get itself a shiny collector’s edition full of dubiously valued content is to throw on a short skirt and some <bleep> me shoes. Not to be left waiting in line with the uncool pleebs, God of War III is wanting a piece of the action and it’s turning to the adoring fans to make it happen.

An e-mail sent out to PlayStation Underground’s Game Advisory Panel (copy pasta’d below) lays it all out on the silk sheets, asking people what they want to see included; even what kind of packaging they want. Someone as jaded as myself, who thinks 99% of collector’s edition are a waste of money, can’t argue with communicating directly with the fans to deliver a package they’d want to throw $70-100 down on (I feel for you too, non-Americans, but I can’t research currency symbols right now). Hopefully it doesn’t end up like the neutered BioShock and Fable II Collector’s Editions. I want my damn steelbook case still!

The email:
What would make the ultimate GOW III Collector’s Edition? We’ve heard that everything from T-shirts and figurines to behind-the-scenes videos will make the ultimate collector’s edition, but is that really all? Here’s your chance to give us your “Kratos” insights on what will make the ultimate God of War III Collector’s Edition. Don’t hold back. This is your opportunity to create your own ultimate collector’s wish list. Rules, you ask? There are none. Just be sure to abide by our Community Site Guidelines and fire away!

Here are a few questions to spark your ideas:

What would make the ultimate GOW III Collector’s Edition?
• What types of content would you include? (i.e. figurines, art book, etc.)

• What kind of packaging? (e.g., steel tin box, exclusive artwork, etc.)

• What kind of videos would you like the CE to include?

• Any additional ideas you die-hard God of War minds can think of?

Lastly, don’t be shy. Give us descriptions, photos or even videos if you have to. If you want the ultimate GOW III Collector’s Edition, give us your ultimate opinions. So have fun. There’s nothing to lose. We’re really just interested in finding out what God of War fans want in a Collector’s Edition.