Halo 3 parody song is like a sticky grenade inside our heads

Sure, you have seen Portal cakes, Halo 3 machinima, and about a billion other videogame themed creations, which makes us a little hesitant about writing about another. So, when PalletteSwapNinja came up with a Halo 3 parody song, we considered passing it up until we actually heard it. The video above, created by a fan of the song, is amazing to watch but the real star of the show is the song and the almost identical Anthony Kiedis sounding singer.

It is amazing how a fan based community can grow around a game so quickly. Bungie is the perfect example of how a developer can foster support, even a fanatical devotion by some, for a product by actively listening to gamers and implementing their suggestions.

Now we are done with fan creations, unless those creations are free cookies you send to us. We like those.