New Resistance 2 content available Thursday

It’s day two of GDC ’09 and Insomniac is making good on its promise to announce new downloadable content for Resistance 2. Even better news is that it will all be available two days from now on March 26. New features will be added via patch whereas extra multiplayer maps and skins will have to be bought through the PlayStation Store.

The 1.50 patch adds the Meltdown multiplayer mode that was available in Resistance: Fall of Man and also brings the Superhuman difficulty setting for co-op challenges which yields a lot more experience points but of course is also much more difficult to complete. Automatic respawning is gone in this mode and a Medic is required to revive a fallen teammate. The last free feature allows a second local player to sign in under their PSN profile and gain experience while playing side by side with a friend. Everything the guest player does will be automatically saved to their account.

The Aftermath pack will cost $5.99 and focuses on smaller more intimate maps. Alternative character skins including the Cloven and the Ravager will also be available for $0.99 each.