Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 to sport online co-op, director talks a little Itagaki smack

Just got back from Tecmo’s big game announcement. If you like not being surprised you’ll be thrilled, it was for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. On hand to present was the lead director Yosuke Hayashi. We were all treated to the brand spankin’ new trailer of the game and what it shows is what you’d expect. Ryu slices, and Ayane, just announced to be in it a little while ago, also slices. And then yet another familiar-ish face pops up: Momiji, from the DS release Dragon Sword. Apparently, she’ll be playable as well.

But the treat announcement that raised my eyebrows was that we are going to get online cooperative play this time around. So along with Ryu, you can join on with your hot, large breasted friend probably named Ron who lives upstate, and you both can slice together. It’s almost romantic, but definitely sounds fun.

In addition, Hayashi did a brief QA session and some just couldn’t help but bring up old Tomonobu Itagaki. He’s like Tecmo’s personal Jack Thompson… jut doesn’t go away. Just hearing the name prompted him, completely foregoing the translator. His immediate response basically answered the question, saying that the “DNA” of the game is still the same. The team is still there, and the spirit is the same as it ever was. To top it off he threw in referring to Itagaki as the “so-called” creator of the series. Buuuurn! When asked if he plans to live up to the massive ego, he simply stated that “I will let my games speak for me, and not my words.”

Overall an entertaining little presentation, and hopefully we’ll have that trailer up for you all to ogle over as soon as possible. Until then, give these screens a taste.