Bionic Commando officially dated for active duty

ATTEN-CHUN! Capcom and Grin’s three-dimensional reimagining of Nathan Spencer and his army-issued bionic appendage has officially been cleared for active duty on five-one-nine of this year. That’s May 19, you scum-sucking maggots!

Releasing simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PS3, this newest iteration of the series — first released 20 years ago on Nintendo’s flagship system — sees the classic ginger-haired, glasses-wearing government operative transformed into a dreadlocked badass, pardoned of drummed-up charges in exchange for going boot to fanny against a group of bio-terrorists.

As with any Capcom release worth a grain, there is a lovely assortment of pre-order bonuses being offered, including a Bionic Commando lunchbox, Bionic Commando patches and a Bionic Commando comic book, featuring exclusive cover art from Dave “Watchmen” Gibbons. Place your orders, ladies!