GDC panel discusses game design, future projects

The designers behind Fallout 3, Shadow of the Colossus and No More Heroes got together at GDC today to talk about how they individually approach game design and vaguely answered some questions about what they’re working on. One thing each designer acknowledged is how a game changes while it’s in development regardless of what they planned previously. Emil Pagliarulo, a designer for Fallout 3 explained how (spoiler alert) the Liberty Prime robot in Fallout 3 was initially supposed to be five times larger. Our character was also supposed to ride on its head while it shoots everything. Fumito Ueda of Shadow of the Colossus said it was originally a multiplayer game where players had to coordinate to bring down the Colossi. Goichi Suda of No More Heroes joked and said, “I make a perfect design plan, so it never changes.”

Near the end of the discussion the designers opened up the floor to do a little Q&A. Naturally one of the questions were what they all were working on next. Bethesda is concentrating on more DLC while Ueda said his next game is similar to Ico. Suda revealed he was working with RE5 designer Shinji Mikami and EA on a horror game.

As for the debate over games considered as art, Ueda said his main goal is to entertain people and not create art. Even though the ideas within a game may appear to suggest an artform was the overall goal, in reality it’s only about entertainment to him.