inFamous’ karma system revealed

Those fearing Sony and Sucker Punch’s super-powered sandbox title, inFamous, was shaping up to be just another Crackdown clone might take comfort from these videos of the “karma system” in action.

The seven-layer karma system monitors your moral choices throughout the game, shaping Cole’s appearance and abilities according to his current position on the grand karmic scale. Zapping wounded innocents back to life or mowing down fleeing civilians with lightning will ultimately impact “the way pedestrians react to Cole, the powers he can use and upgrade, Cole’s appearance, and even the story.”

It’s very Fable-esque, with every choice awarding good or bad karma. There are six karmic levels: three bad (Thug, Outlaw and Infamous) and three good (Guardian, Champion and Hero). In addition to changing your appearance fresh-pressed with blue electricity for a goody, mud-caked with red lightning for a baddie – the different levels come with different skills, purchased with experience points. But you’ll have to maintain that level of goodness/badness to access its corresponding ability, meaning a certain amount of strategy will govern your moral compass.

Personally, I was pumped at the thought of a Crackdown clone, so this is just another layer of awesome sauce on my bitchin’ sundae.