It’s not Kid Icarus, but it will definitely do

Over The Top Games is giving us a winged hero in platforming action, it isn’t Pit though. Instead we’ll receive Icarian: Kindred Spirits, which tells the tale of the legendary Icarus being kidnapped and a winged girl named Nyx’s quest to save him. We’ve already decide from the above video that this entire game is clearly a metaphor about Nintendo not giving the world a new Kid Icarus.

Of course it has some other things going for it too. The WiiWare game controls with simply the pointer much like the fantastic Lost Winds. If the vid is any indication physics puzzles and well timed jumping are going to be all over this sucker, which is making me do a happy little Grecian dance. So we can’t get more Pit (yet), but if Over The Top wants to deliver the next best thing we’ll gladly accept it.