Nintendo’s biggest GDC announcements

Now that Nintendo’s keynote has wrapped up we can finally take a breath and reflect on everything that has just happened. Nintendo arguably had the most promising keynote so far at GDC and announced some features that are effective immediately as well as new games that are coming out for on WiiWare, DSiWare, Virtual Console, DS and the new Virtual Console Arcade.

The biggest news by far is the new Wii System Menu 4.0 that is available to download right now. It gives the Wii the ability to use SD cards with up to 32GB of space. It’s simple, small and highly effective. We could use that card to store the new WiiWare title Rock & Roll Climber if we wanted. In this game we use the Wii remote, Nunchuk and Balance Board to, well, climb rocks. When we reach the top the character grabs a guitar and starts rocking. Also coming to WiiWare this year is the sequel to My Life As A King entitled My Life As A Darklord, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

A couple DSiWare games were demonstrated onstage such as Moving Memo and WarioWare Snapped! Moving Memo lets us make our own drawings and add sounds to them and WarioWare Snapped! uses the DSi camera to take pictures of ourselves then allows us to interact with the image. Needless to say WarioWare Snapped! will make us all look like fools and we’ll love every second of it.

The Virtual Console Arcade will also be available today. It will have Space Harrier, Gaplus, Star Force, Solvalou, The Tower of Druaga, Mappy and others to download.

Finally, a new Zelda game called The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is coming to the DS later this year. A video was shown of Link as the engineer of a train going through the world.

Well played Nintendo. And now we will wait for more insanely good announcements from GDC 2009.